Whirlpool GC2000XE 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review 2019

Are you fed up with the vegetable wastes, bones and food scraps that produce at your kitchen? All these not only make your house stinking but invite the pests to have a feast at your house. These are the things that make your house look dirty, very dirty. The only thing that helps you to come out of this problem is a convenient garbage disposal. This device makes the food waste into very small tiny pieces so that they can go right down the drain of your kitchen sink.

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Why Choose the Whirlpool Garbage Disposals?

There are a number of companies that manufacture and market a different kind of best garbage disposal.  Among all of them, Whirlpool is a company which is known for their long-lasting domestic appliances. It is noted that, their garbage disposals, are very sturdy. Besides that, this brand is in demand for its good service in your budget. Keeping in mind your needs Whirlpool has proudly introduced a more effective and more convenient garbage disposal at your limited budget which is called Whirlpool GC2000XE ½ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. Let’s have a look to get an idea about the benefits of it.

The First Look

This ½ HP Continuous Garbage Disposal is a device what you need to serve effortlessly and efficiently at your kitchen and takes a major role to look your kitchen clean. Moreover, this disposal works fast without wasting your precious time and apart from that, it is easy to maintain even the older members of your house would not find it difficult handle it. All you need to on the machine and let the magic to be done. Now it’s the time to have a look at the features of this device and see what make you feel to own it.

The Strength of Motor

The ½ HP motor with 1.725 RPM speed grinds the bones and smaller food wastes like carrots in no time only to save your time and energy for other household works.

Continuous Feed

Now a day having a continuous feed disposal is quite common in households. It continues to run from the moment you turn it on. It means, it starts working along with your waste produces and doesn’t allow the food scraps to store at your sink. It reduces jamming so no more waiting. Moreover, this disposal also can grind a large amount of waste even faster than most of the other disposals. In this disposal food scraps are reduced to fine cutting, and those are whisked down the drain so easily that you have never have to worry about clogging.

Auto Reverse Function

This disposal can spin its blade in reverse. It will be easy for it to clear any kind of wastes if they create jamming from inside the unit.

Grinding Wheel And Shredder Ring

This device is equipped with a galvanized steel grinding wheel and shredder ring. These two works well to ensure you the cutting of food scraps into small pieces and also provides long lasting durability.

Swivel Impellers

The stainless steel made swivel impellers rotate at a high speed to- encourage continuous feeding that reduces food wastes into fine particles. This would help the wastes to whisk down very easily and also prevents the device from clogging or jamming.

Overload Protector

Sometimes you don’t have any idea, how much waste you could insert into your disposal grinder what may not harm your machine. Therefore, to save your device from an overload of waste, this brand of the device has the overload protector with manual reset shields to save the device from damages. This is a unique feature of this device that is not found in any other disposal unit.

Sink Flange

This device has a kitchen sink flange that is made of stainless steel which makes it strong enough and it has a single plastic stopper that helps this device work properly you can control the function of it easily.

Insulated Grinding Chamber

This garbage disposal is designed with an insulated grinding chamber, even its parts are also insulated which means it generates less sound when it is working. So, you can see this disposal works with extreme power but still makes little noise.

The Design

This disposal unit is designed in such a manner that you can easily be attracted towards it. The streamlined body of this unit is crafted out of the stainless steel. It means, your device is a durable unit which lasts for a longer period. This is only to make it not only comfortable in use but also make better your kitchen décor.


This product has a 1-year warranty, provided by the manufacturing house. By the time if any technical fault occurs you will get the opportunity to repair or replace it free.

How Does It Work

The food scraps, wastes, bones are allowed to go into the sink and leave the rest to be done by the machine. This machine grinds all the wastes and moves into the sewage system without making any hassle and clogging.


  • A 1/2 HP powerful motor with continuous feed capability and faster disposal.
  • Galvanized stainless steel shredding ring to cut down food wastes in very short time.
  • Overload protector and manual reset button save the device from any hassle.
  • Continuous feed system starts your cleaning work at once you turn it on.


  • Smaller capacity size doesn’t work for any extended family.
  • Some complaint of jerking is also noted.
  • It’s a bit bulky in size.


The Whirlpool brand has been in the production business of home appliances for more than 100 years and is still continuing to produce the best quality products. All of the appliances manufactured by Whirlpool are made keeping in mind your needs. But none of any product can runs for a longer period if your maintenance is not up to the mark. 

All you need to clean the device by checking its power connection or its blades regularly. Hope my effort to make you convince is not gone in smoke and will certainly draw your interest towards this product which is really one of the best. Trust me.

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