What Can You Put in A Garbage Disposal in 2019?

Do you remember that time when you looked down at your sink and felt disgusted with the thought of putting your hands in the middle of that squishy food? Or one of those million times you had to call the plumber to come in your aid? I don’t even have to recall you that time they sent Stuart Little into the pipe of the kitchen sink to save the day, right?

Many people have so many doubts on how to use a garbage disposal. What can you put down a garbage disposal? What should you not put in a garbage disposal? Can you put coffee grounds? Eggshells? How to clean a garbage disposal and how to keep it clean? And finally, What can you put in a garbage disposal?

So, to avoid any further uncomfortable situations, like drowning your hamster in trash, we prepared you a list on garbage disposal Dos and Don’ts. With this list, dearest reader, we hope you acquire the knowledge to handle your garbage disposal maintenance on you own.

Garbage Disposal Do's and Don'ts

Garbage Disposal DO’S:

  • Keep your disposal clean: before washing the dishes, clean your plates with a napkin and throw the residue of food in the trash can. The same residue building up in the drain may cause jams, bad smell, and corrosion.
  • Use cold water and ice: if you let cold water flow smoothly for 15 to 30 seconds after using the disposal, you prevent fat to the blades and the pipes. Grinding ice cubes in the garbage disposal also makes sure of that, just be sure to cover the disposal, avoiding projectiles to hit you.
  • Clear the drain: even with these recommendations, once every two years it’s a good idea to check the drainage pipes. That way, after the maintenance check, you guarantee there are no clogs forming, and the drain is running smoothly.
  • Deodorize your garbage disposal: looks aren’t everything, there is also the smell. One of the methods of deodorizing is grinding citruses such as lemon, limes or orange peel in your garbage. Another one is to put a stopper in the sink, fill it with hot water, add bleach for 10 minutes. Both methods guarantee a fresh smell and avoid bacterial growth.

Garbage Disposal DON’TS:

  • Put anything that’s not food: this one here is the big question: what not to put in a garbage disposal? Metal, plastic, strings, rubber bands, banana peels, small bones, and eggshells. Raw meat in the garbage disposal can also jam and damage it. It can also, in the future, create clogs in the drainage pipes, giving you much more headache than it would if you just respected our first item of the list…

One item we need to focus on: is it ok to put coffee grounds down the garbage disposal? Coffee grounds might be; we for your garden. It repels ants, slugs and stimulates your plants to grow. But there is nothing worst for your garbage disposal drainage than coffee grounds.

  • Use hot water: ok, you didn’t listen to the first item, listen to the second one. Hot water used in the grinding process makes fat stick to the blades and the interior of the pipes.
  • Use harsh cleaning chemicals: these products will cause you only harm; to your health, your plumbing system, the environment, and little Stuart that went down the pipes. A quarter cup of bleach is enough to deodorize your garbage disposal as mentioned above. There’s also no need for grease or oil.

Following the tips, we shared with you above, we are sure that your garbage disposal and drainage pipes will work with the highest efficiency for a long time, looking great and smelling nice. Be sure to keep updated on our blog and our new articles coming very soon.

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