(Updated) Learn Exactly How to Install Garbage Disposal with 13 Steps

In this article we are going to provide information on “How to Install a Garbage Disposal” in your home.

Initially, a garbage disposal system was considered as a luxurious item for a kitchen but gradually it becomes a basic need for every kitchen. Because everybody wants a clean kitchen while working. So if you want to buy a Garbage Disposal system, first of all, you have to decide where and how you’ll install it. For installation either you have to call a technician or you have to follow the suggestions which the marketers have given to consumers. The first option drains some of the money of yours which is not acceptable. So finally you have to try at home all by yourself to Install Garbage Disposal.

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Learn Exactly How to Install Garbage Disposal with 13 Steps

Here are some ways you may follow to install Garbage Disposal:

STEP 1:- Open the box and bring out all the parts of the disposer kit that need to be assembled. Now the P-trap and the drain basket to be removed from the sink. When you disconnect the drain water may spill out. In that case, you should place a bucket below the sink.

STEP 2:- For the preparation of new installation you have to remove the ring and other fasteners if the flange assembly is already assembled.

STEP 3:- Flange gasket to be located and now take some plumber’s putty rolled into a snake-shaped about 3/8” diameter. This putty should be wrapped around the gasket and pressed with your fingers only to give your seal a long life. Remove the excess putty with a rag to look the setup clean.

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STEP 4:- Next it needs to clean the sink mainly around the drain opening.

STEP 5:- Now you need to insert the flange on the top side and attach the fastening system from the bottom. This will allow the flange to bear the pressure of a heavy object and keep it in place while working.

STEP 6:- The mounting plate to be attached to the bottom side of the sink by fastening the screws but not over-tightened.

STEP 7:- On the side of the unit you have to attach the tailpipe to the rubber seal and secure it with a metal ring.

STEP 8:- There would be a breakout plate inside the inlet port. If you want to drain your automatic dishwasher through the unit then you may remove it gently using a screwdriver and a hammer. Unless leave it intact.

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STEP 9:- Now you need power connection with the unit and a power cord is needed. But it is not included with every disposer unit. In that case, you have to remove the plate with a screwdriver and the electrical wiring is done by using better and approved quality power product. Be sure the wire must be long enough to reach the switchboard without stretching.

STEP 10:- Next, the gasket is placed in the discharge outlet for connecting the drain. After that, the discharge tube is attached with the flange beneath the sink. In this case, it would be awkward to place the heavy disposer unit under the sink. So, you should use a large bowl to prop up this unit at your desired position.

STEP 11:- To connect the disposer to P-trap you need to use a PVC cutter to trim the extender pipe.

STEP 12:- Now the lower mounting ring has to be rotated till all three mounting tabs are locked over the ridges in the slide-up ramps. This made your unit secured.

STEP 13:- Finally your unit is assembled and now it is the time for checking. At first, plug the drain with the stopper and allow the sink to be filled with an inch of water. Check the leaks to make sure that your plumber putty work is perfect. After that remove the stopper and let the water to be drained and P-trap to fill with water to check the leaks.

If everything is OK, then your garbage disposer is ready for use. Now you could feel proud for doing the installation work all but yourself without getting the help of anybody. Bt one thing you should remember that without being convinced or having enough confident don’t try to experiment. It could damage your unit or an accident may happen with you. In that case, you should call an expert because your safety is more important than few dollars.

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