KUPPET 2600 RPM Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review

Garbage disposal has been working at your home since the past few years to give your kitchen a clean and fresh look. It also helps to create a hygienic environment where no bad smell or dirt is found anymore. All you need to press the start button of the disposal what you have installed at your kitchen and let the magic begin. But now the time has changed. In this fast life, you have to do your work more quickly than others. Therefore, today you always keep searching for a machine that works faster, with more power, but with less noise. Moreover, you have to consider the size of the device that can easily fit under the sink without taking too much space. Apart from that, the price should be affordable so that you don’t have to think twice before buying it. So, you need one garbage disposal with three conditions- reliable, durable, and affordable. At this moment one name is popping up in my mind and that is KUPPET 2600 RPM Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal. Check it out the complete feature of this best garbage disposal.

The First Look

KUPPET 2600 RPM Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal equipped with 1 hp motor that that speed up 2600 RPM to provide reliable performance in very short time.  Having a large capacity grinding chamber gives a chance to dispose of a good amount of garbage at a time. Fast and easy mount system makes the installation work simple all by you. This device is made of high-quality metal and plastic that give this device much-needed durability since it is working some tough job for years.  Though it works hard but doesn’t create any noise to disturb your normal life. Let’s see in detail.

Powerful Motor

This device is equipped with 1 hp High-Speed Permanent Magnet Motor which is powerful enough to provide reliable performance and give the cleaning work efficiently. The High-Speed 2600 RPM makes the grinding quickly and neatly. Even the stubborn bones or other harder organic substances are tackled well.

Effective Grinding Technology

With 3 different levels of grinding this disposal could quickly and perfectly grind your daily food scraps.  The vegetable extracts, peels, nuts, bones all the scraps are crushed, turned into slag and easily drained through the sewage pipe. Moreover, having this technology your device always be freed from any kind of clog and jamming. 

Continuous Feed System

The continuous feed system works as long as your device is on. It means every time you pour wastes into the sink the machine starts its grinding work to keep your sink and the kitchen clean always. But you need to run the device for 5 minutes, 3 times a day and it’ll be enough to keep away the wastes you produce.

Large Sized Container

This unit has a larger sized garbage container that can grind a lot of food wastes at a time and in this way, your kitchen always looks clean.

Noise-Free Function

Noise is one of the issues that you suffer from other units. But in this device, the noise level is much lower than the others. It is quieter with below 50 decibels to allow you not to be disturbed while it is on.


The exterior of this device is made of high-quality ABS plastic and the interior is made of corrosion-free stainless steel. Having these two not only prevent leak or any other damage so that it could be used for a long period. Apart from that, all these two materials used, to prevent bacterial effect to keep the environment fresh.

Easy Installation

EZ- Mount system helps you to install this device easily and quickly.  A manual that comes with the package gives you the necessary instruction about it.

How to Operate

To start this unit you have to turn on the faucet and press the switch. Then pour the food wastes into your sink. In this way, your grinding work will start to remove and wash away the garbage and make the kitchen clean and fresh. The air switch which comes with it needs to turn on and off for connecting most standard sized septic tanks.

Other Accessories

It is not that you are paying only for the garbage device, but you can get a few more things that surely make you smile. You’ll get positive steel stopper, removable splash guard, ABS waste elbow, a plug and, a power cord. All these things will come very useful while you using the device.


  • 3 different levels of the grinding system make the work easier and faster.
  • check
    2600 RMP motor works quickly and efficiently.
  • check
    Large sized container helps this device to intake a good sum of wastes at a time.
  • check
    ABS Plastic and corrosion free stainless steel grinding tools of this device provides strength enough for longer life.
  • check
    EZ-Mount system provide an easy installation.


  • Unlike other units the neck that coming through the sink is not long enough.
  • Some consumers find hard to install.
KUPPET 2600 RPM Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review
  • Best Features
  • Noise Level
  • Performance
  • Value


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