Kitchen Aid KCDB250G 1/2 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review

While preparing food or after finishing the meal in both occasions it is obvious that scraps and wastes are going to produce. And no one likes to have them at all. So they should be removed as soon as possible. But, in recent times it is hard to dispose of your garbage, especially in urban areas where pollution control is at its pick. Thanks for having a garbage disposal, a device that attached under the sink and crushed and disposes of the organic waste through the sewage.

There is a lot of garbage disposal brand available in the marketplace which offers a number of features to lure you. Among them, it is not easy to select the one which can fulfil your needs. Some look for the benefits and some go for the price. But, there are very few disposals which provide you with all the benefits and also in a reasonable price. Kitchen Aid KCDB ½ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is one of them that surely draw your attention with its features and benefits. Let’s find it out.

The Introduction

This Kitchen Aid is a brand that garners much respect in making of kitchen appliances to kitchenware for almost 100 years. This made-in-America manufacturing garbage disposal is rightly known for its efficiency, durability and top-notch design. This is a dependable device, which provides some great services like; quickly dispose of waste that is rarely found in any single device.

Shape and Size

This device sized 14.6”x7.5”x7.4” and weighed 14.2lbs is compact enough to fit easily into any kitchen and also the shape allows you to install this machine easily. Although this kind of device doesn’t go for its look, but this unit is pretty enough for eye-pleasing.

The Durability

This is one of the big factors to consider this unit. It is made of strong stainless steel that gives this device a longer life and that even free from any kind of rust.

Powerful Motor and Speedy Rotation

The Kitchen Aid Garbage Disposal is powered by ½ HP motor unlike most of the other devices where you’ll find 1/3 HP motor to run the machine. This powerful motor helps the motor to rotate at 1725 RPM which is strong enough to grind anything, without considering how hard or pulpy the waste is, and also ensure you that you don’t have to deal with clogging.

How to Operate

This continuous feed garbage disposal allows you to add more wastes even when it is running. In this way, your cleaning work will be much quicker after meals. This device is preferred for its easy-to-use operation. At first, you need to turn on the medium flow of cold water and then turn the device. Now you have to add the food waste into the sink and let the machine and the water flow to continue for at least 25 minutes after shredding and grinding is done to make sure all the wastes are drained out through the trap and the waste pipe.


This is no doubt one of the best features of this device. If by mistake when too much waste enters into the grinding chamber at a time, then the overload protection sensor is there to keep the machine from running into trouble. Moreover, the easily accessible reset button allows the device to start all over again with your fingertips.

Electric Power Supply

This device can be connected directly to an electrical switch to make the function easy and safe. But if you want to plug it instead of using direct wire then you have to buy a power kit.


This Kitchen Aid Garbage Disposal offers you a one-year limited warranty, so now you don’t have to be worried about your unit too much.


  • Reliable and beautifully designed
  • Made of durable stainless steel
  • Overload protection with manual reset


  • The motor is low powered
  • Creates too much noise
  • Shorter warranty
Kitchen Aid KCDB250G 1/2 HP Garbage Disposal Review
  • Best Features
  • Noise Level
  • Performance
  • Value


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