The Easy and Exciting Way to Fix Garbage Disposal Problem

If you have already installed a garbage disposal I am sure you are enjoying a garbage-free easier life by disposing the leftover food waste from your kitchen. Apart from that, it is also one of the less demanding appliances in your kitchen. This useful and durable garbage disposal unit hides under the sink and eats up all the waste that you throw in it to make your kitchen clean odor-free. But sometimes it may cause some problems which disrupt the normal service and these need to fix garbage disposal for bringing back the normalcy in your life. These problems occur for various reasons. Most of the time users do silly things to the unit which cost them time effort and money. Besides that, neglect and overestimation of abilities damage the garbage disposal. Thankfully, there are some easy solutions for every problem that you can manage to solve by yourself.

4 Common Garbage Disposal Problem with Solutions

Here are the common problems and the easiest to fix garbage disposal:

Garbage Disposal Unit Won’t Turn On

Garbage disposal won’t turn on was one of the most common problems that you may experience with the unit. If no hum is coming from the disposal, it means no power is supplying to the unit. In that case, at first make sure that it is plugged in and then check the circuit breaker is on, then you see the reset button if it is popped up then push it again. Still, if it is not working then you may need to call a mechanic or replace the unit. If you are using garbage disposal badger 5 then you may face this problem.

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Jammed Disposal – How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

This is the most common problem of the best waste disposal unit. When your best waste disposal got stuck it hums but does not start then all you need to clean the blades without putting your hands into it. At first, you have to take few bowls of hot water to pour into your disposal unit. This will help you to clean the solid fat, oil from the corner of the disposal chamber. After few minutes, pour cold water inside to drain out the remaining of fat and oil along with the hot water. If no result is seen, the only possibility may happen and that is; paper, plastic or spoon, keys type of metal drop inside the unit which you need to stop the unit for some moment and take it out and restart again. If your garbage disposal hasn’t been cleaned for a long time it may be clogged, then you should pour running cold water into it to clean your garbage disposal.

Waste Disposal Unit Draining Slowly

This problem may occur for many reasons, commonly it happens due to clogged waste in the disposal or in the drain pipe.

To solve this problem you have few solutions-

1) Take off both the pipelines connected with sewer and the dishwasher to clean the waste.
2) If the clog is at an unreachable point then you need to use a sink auger or use 1/8” diameter stainless steel cable to pull off any clog from there.
3) You have to put some dishwasher into it and then pour enough amount of cold water. This will probably help you to clean the clog. If not, repeat the task for few times to get the result.
4) If the slow draining still remains then you have to replace the disposal, because the blades are not sharp enough anymore.

How to fix a leaky garbage disposal from the bottom

Leaking problem can occur due to various reasons. To know that first of all we have to find out the location.

1) If it is leaking from the top it means that sink flange is damaged or loose, even the gasket also get the same problem. Then you have no other way but replace any of them. If those are in good condition then change the plumber’s putty and tighten up the mounting to solve the matter.
2) If the drain lines are leaking it means those are disconnected or dislocated. You have to apply a new rubber gasket to stop the leakage.
3) The clamp which connects the dishwashers with the disposal is not secured enough may cause a leakage problem. In this case, you have to tighten the clamp on the dishwasher hose to avoid such problem.
4) If somehow some parts of the disposal are broken the leak from the bottom is occurs. In that case, you have to change the unit by buying a new one or ask the manufacturer to replace it if it is in warranty period.

We hope, these 4 tips on how to fix a leaky garbage disposal from the bottom help you to solve your problem.

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I hope whatever I have told you so far all about the common problems and their easy solutions, will surely help you to identify the problems and you also will be able to solve them all but yourself.

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