BECBAS ELEMENT 7 Garbage Disposal Review

How much do you love your wife? How far you can go to provide her the comfort? You always keep praising the foodstuffs what she serves you. But have you ever seen, what trouble does she face to keep her kitchen clean? Do you ever try to know how much does she suffer to remove the food wastes? If it is yes, then you must try to find out the best solution for her. At this point, what better she could ask for than a garbage disposal. This is the thing that can bring a lovely smile on her face which can make you the happiest man on the earth.

You always try to buy the best of your ability for your wife. So, when the time comes to buy the garbage disposal, you must follow the same route. In my opinion, you should go for BECBAS ELEMENT 7 Garbage Disposal. It is certainly one of the best buys for your wife. Let’s come to know why.

The First Look

If you are looking for best garbage disposal that could handle your daily food scraps efficiently and keep your sink always look clean and fresh, then the BECBAS ELEMENT 7 Garbage Disposal is ready for your service. This 1 hp disposal is designed well for fast grinding with up to 2700 RPM for having high-speed permanent DC motor. It also lessens the chance of clogs or jamming. Moreover, the stainless steel grinding plate and corrosion-free nylon grinding chamber make this device long lasting. The EZ-Mount system gives you a chance to install easily. The advanced sound proof system reduces the noise level and that also without compromising with the performance. Let’s see all these in detail.

The High-Speed DC Motor

This device is equipped with High-Speed Permanent Magnet DC Motor which can reach at full speed instantly without having winding up phase present. This motor can rotate at the speed of 2700 RPM to make your cleaning work faster than your expectation. Apart from that, this high speed lessens the chance of clog or jamming. Surprisingly, though it works hard but reduces the energy consumption used.

Continuous Feed System

This is one of the great features that you like most. The continuous grinding breaks down all the wastes and scraps that you put into your sink as long as your device is powered on. It means you have no need to be bothered much about the wastes.

Stainless Steel Grinding Components

This device comes with a stainless steel made laser sharp cutting ring that cut all the vegetable and fruit scraps into fine pieces in no time. Moreover, the tough kitchen scraps like bones and nuts are also ground easily. It also has a stainless steel made balanced grinding plate for smooth operation. Even you will never feel any vibration while the machine is working.

Unique Nylon Grinding Chamber

Most of the garbage disposals available in the marketplaces come with either plastic or metal chamber.  Plastic may cause water leakage if it is found cracked and corrosive metals lessen the power of grinding that may cause of jamming. But in this device, the chamber is made with fiberglass reinforced nylon that may take away your worry about any kind of leakage.

Noise-Free Function

This disposal is specially designed with foam insulation that gives a noise-free function. This helps to reduce sound level while the motor at work.

Easy to Install

For most of the cases, you have to call upon an expert to install your device. But in this case, the EZ Mount system helps you to connect the disposal to your sink very simply and also quickly. All you need to position your disposal, then twist it and lock it into place.

Manual Reset Button

Sometimes you get carried away and start pouring a huge amount of wastes at a time only to create jamming. To prevent your device from damage due to overload there has a safety feature in this device. The manual reset button is there to shut it off and on as per you need.

Other Accessories

Apart from the main components, the device comes with a lot more other accessories that make your cleaning work easier and faster. This comes with a pre-installed power cord, removable splash guard, stainless steel drain stopper, multi-functional scrapper, sink flange, and drain elbow.


This unit offers you a 4-year warranty to assure you about the well beings of this device. If any technical fault has emerged within the warranty period the company is liable to repair or replace it.


  • High speed DC motor.Continuous feed system.
  • check
    Stainless steel grinding components.
  • check
    Durable nylon grinding chamber.
  • check
    Pre-installed power cord.


  • To some buyers it is difficult to install.
  • Apart from this, no other major issue has been reported so far.
BECBAS ELEMENT 7 Garbage Disposal Review
  • Best Features
  • Noise Level
  • Performance
  • Value


I hope you have satisfied with this BECBAS ELEMENT 7 Garbage Disposal review.

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