Whirlpool GC2000PE 1/2HP in Sink Disposer, Black Review 2019

The kitchen is the main power plant of your house. It means it is the place where the main sources of your energy are produced. And that is- FOOD. Everybody of you largely depends upon the tasty and delicious meals that are cooked in the kitchen. But along with foods one more thing that automatically produces on the way of processing meals. That is called garbage, or food scraps. Yes, the kitchen is the place where most of the wastes of your house produce. Therefore, you need to look for some convenient way to drain out all the wastes and make your house, as well as your kitchen, look clean. Then it is time for you to consider buying the best garbage disposal for your home.

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Let’s Meet Whirlpool

If you’re seriously considering for buying a garbage disposer then you have to choose the best one that really worth your money. Whirlpool is the leading brand of the home appliances well preferred and trusted everywhere around the world. The company has been manufacturing these products for more than 100 years and still on. Here Whirlpool GC2000PE ½ HP Sink Disposer is one of the best examples is ready to fulfil you’re the needs what are you looking for in a disposer. Now it is the time to have a close look at the features and the benefits what this device offering us.

The Features of Whirlpool GC2000PE Garbage Disposal

Whirlpool GC2000PE Sink Disposer is a device which has a number of attractive features that must draw your interest towards it. Let’s see them.

The Design

This sink disposer (7.5”x7.5”x14.5”) comes in elegant black finishing with steel accents that look fine for your kitchen décor. This device weighs only 13 pounds which means it is light enough to make it in use. Moreover, it is compact enough to fit under all kind of sinks.

The Motor

 The strong ½ HP motor generates 1,725 rpm speed Supports continuous feed system of this device. Besides that, this motor provides enough power to this device to cut the wastes into fine pieces so that the wastes could drain easily.

The Grinding Wheel And Shredder Ring

This Disposer has galvanized steel grinding wheel and shredder ring. These two special features help the machine to cut the food scraps and vegetable wastes into small pieces.

Continuous Feeding System

This continuous feeding operation of this device begins the moment you push the on the button of this device. This system reduces food scraps to fine cutting and makes whisked down the drain easily. So, there will be no problem with jamming or clogging will be occurred. Besides that, using this device will make your kitchen looks fresh and also free from bad odor.

Swivel Impellers

The stainless steel swivel impellers of this unit help to break down the food wastes and grind food scraps finely for quick and easy disposal. No doubt, this will be helpful for you to reduce the maximum amount of wastes in no time.

Overload protector

Sometimes without having any idea of limitation you use to pour too much waste into your sink to dispose of. As a result, you have to face a problem of jamming or clogging. Even if the situation becomes worse you have to call the technician to solve the matter. It means loss of time and loss of money as well. But in this model, you have no need to be worried because this is equipped with an overload protector that controls the limitation of waste.

The Capacity

The 26 oz. grinding chamber is capable enough to take a good amount of waste at a time to grind and dispose of. Moreover, its galvanized steel body gives this device a much- needed durability that every consumer wants to get.

Easy Installation

This device has a special feature and that is locked in a mounting system that helps you for easy installation. Besides that, a power cord also attached that also helps you to install easily. Moreover, an instruction manual is included with this unit which makes your installation work easy and you could do it all but yourself.


Apart from having all those features, there is one more thing that surely makes you feel good and that is the one-year warranty for this unit. By the time if you face any technical fault the manufacturer is taking responsibility for repairing or replacing as per need.

The Accessories

This unit comes with some important things you need to install it. Among them, the two most useful things are an electrical plug and a dishwasher drain connector. These will help the people to install it who have complicated plumbing connection in their kitchens.

How to Use and maintain

  1. Keep anything tough or hard such as shells from crabs, popcorn kernels, or bones away from disposer as the small and hard objects would jam at its part.
  2. Don’t put fibrous items as banana peels, potato peels or corn cobs because these will block the drain.
  3. Keep away rubber bands, glass, hair, or grease from your disposer as it could jam your unit.
  4. To clean your disposer run cold water for one minute, while the disposer is on. This helps the motor from overheating.
  5. To clean the body of your disposer you have to wipe it by a paper towel.
  6. If you want to freshen your disposer put some chopped orange peel into it.


  • Made of galvanized stainless steel which provides strength and durability.
  • Quiet motor creates less sound and doesn’t disturb you.
  • Overload protector and manual reset save from jamming.
  • The affordable price allows most of the people to buy one.


  • Not in use for a large amount of garbage.
  • Not comes with power cord.
  • Installation is not as easy as it is said.


If you are looking for garbage disposer that comes in your budget but still has all the features that you want to have then Whirlpool GC2000PE is ready to enter your house by your own choice. Don’t believe, just follow the rating!

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