[Answered By Expert] What Size Garbage Disposal Do I Need in 2019?

Needless to say, that we all love to keep our home clean and fresh. That brings a peace in your mind and also you’ll get the most desired appreciations from the guests who give a visit to your place. Mostly you’re credited for keeping your kitchen clean. A clean kitchen means a kitchen without food scraps or organic wastes. In today’s time, it is not easy to sweep them and throw outside to maintain “keep your locality clean” campaign. Therefore, now you have to depend on your garbage disposal that cut your scraps into small pieces or liquefied the wastes and drained them away through the sewage system following the green activity.

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What Size Garbage Disposal Do I Need

Like any other appliances, garbage disposals are also available in different sizes, strengths, and features. No matter if you belong to a small or large family, you’ll get every type of device that surely fulfills your needs. So, before buying you should know your requirement and then choose wisely the one that can fit your bill.

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The Size You Need

The size of a device depends upon the number of persons living in your family. The more members mean the more production of food wastes which need a device with more horsepower. It means you have to look for well-specific garbage disposal.

For Small Household

If you have 2 persons in your family then you have no need to go for any high power garbage disposal. A 1/3 hp or ½ hp disposal is capable enough to handle the wastes of your kitchen.

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For Medium Household

A family containing 3-6 persons has a tendency to produce more garbage may go for the ½ hp or ¾ hp device. This can manage to dispose of a lot of wastes at one go.

For Big Household

If you have more than 6 members in your family then you must consider a garbage disposal with 1 hp motor. This kind of device has multiple grinding features that can handle a bulk of wastes and provide your kitchen a clean and fresh look.

The Different Power Capacity of Motors

While taking a look at the different sizes of units one thing is repeatedly mentioned and that is Horsepower. Now you need to get a clear idea about it. Horsepower or hp is nothing but the unit of measuring the power of the motor that is equipped with your device. The more powerful the motor is, the faster the blades of the grinding machine inside the chamber will spin. Let’s have a look at the devices with different motors.

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1/3 HP Motor

This motor comes with the device for lightest use. If your home, means your kitchen produces a small number of wastes then it is an ideal choice for you. Not only for capacity, is this good option for those who have a limited budget. But one thing you should keep in your mind that, if sometimes more garbage produces, a chance of clogging or jamming will be come out.

1/2 HP Motor

If you want a medium usage then you should go for the disposal that comes with ½ hp motor. It is a safer option for both light and medium users that will not clog or get jammed and easily eat up the food wastes what you put into your sink. Not only that the price is also affordable for you.

3/4 HP Motor

This is for those who need a disposal for medium or heavy usage. It means apart from regular use this device can take care of your occasional heavy use without any hiccup. This certainly fulfills your demand but sometimes you may hesitate to take it as its cost is pretty high.

1 HP Motor

The garbage disposals what you’ve seen so far are mainly used for domestic purpose. But if you want a disposal that can be used for commercial purpose then you have to take a device with 1 hp motor. It can chew up all the food wastes you put inside it and you have no need to be worried about clog and jam for many days. Even it is said that this disposal can chew up bone also. Therefore, if you need a really heavy duty disposal then without considering too much of its cost you can go for it.

Final Words

Finally, all I can say that buying one garbage disposal for yourself depends on your usage. The size, the power of the motor all depends on what amount of garbage you’re going to put in it. Once you decide, then it is your call to have one. Go for it and enjoy your cooking more than before in a clean and fresh kitchen.

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