Waste King Vs Insinkerator – Which Brand Offers The Better Product?

It’s a showdown between Waste King vs. Insinkerator, which brand offers the better product? If you are moving into a new house chances are there is already a garbage disposal installed, and there is no need to change it out for a new one. However, when the time comes to purchase a new garbage disposer, it is wise to conduct a little bit of online research to find the one that’s going to give you the most bang for your buck. We have researched a lot of different makes and models of garbage disposals, and two of the top brands are Waste King and Insinkerator with each company putting out models that received rave reviews from consumers. However, after studying hundreds of reviews on dozens of different disposers, it looks to us like the Waste King disposers have the edge over Insinkerator.

Insinkerator’s lowest price option, the Badger line of disposers received a large number of negative user reviews online, but their other options in the Evolution series received outstanding user reviews. All of the Waste King disposals that we have researched received excellent reviews including their lower-priced options that would be comparable to the Insinkerator Badger line of disposals which is one reason why Waste King gets the overall edge.

If we forget about the cheapest, entry-level disposers, the midrange and high-end models are comparable, and each manufacturer’s product lines include products with excellent reviews. With both manufacturers people are saying that the disposers are quiet, corrosion resistant and most importantly, they do a great job of grinding up food waste.

So looking at Waste King vs. Insinkerator, when it comes to the entry-level models, Waste King wins hands down. For the more expensive models, each manufacturer is neck and neck, but the Waste King models pull ahead in two categories. Waste King models typically have faster motors that spin at higher RPMs than comparable Insinkerator models, and Waste King disposals typically have longer warranty periods than comparable Insinkerator models. When comparing two garbage disposals that have the same horsepower, the one that operates at higher RPMs gets the edge and with all other things being equal a longer warranty period is always good.

One area where Insinkerator gets an edge over Waste King is in the ease of installation (at least when you are replacing an existing Insinkerator disposal). All Insinkerator garbage disposals come with a Quick Lock Sink Mount which makes it very easy to install a new Insinkerator disposal when replacing an older model.

With any product, the price is always an important consideration. During our research we also found Waste King to be the less expensive of the two when looking at comparable models. Both manufacturers make a number of different best garbage disposals that both have excellent reviews from happy customers. But if we had to choose one manufacturer over another, after conducting extensive research into various garbage disposals on the market, we would give a slight edge to Waste King for their higher RPMs, longer warranty periods, and lower prices.

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Lolly Morris - February 28, 2018

You tout Waste King brand disposals, but in recently trying to replace the rubber splash guard part (that fits in the sink drain hole) I was told it was no longer available. I even tried Home Depot to no avail. The implication was that the Waste King company had gone out of business. In fact, some plumbing shops actually told me that.
Our Waste King disposal is ? several years old and soon will be due for replacement. Will we need to go with Insinkerator the next time? Where are Waste King (and their parts) still available?


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