Waste King 9930 (1/2 HP) Garbage Disposal Review 2019

If you are in search of a best garbage disposal unit that fits your budget and has a compact design then the waste king 9930 is what you might be looking for. This is a very great product from the waste king and is also very easy to maintain. It is true that when you go out shopping for these garbage disposal products, what you need to look at includes how easy it is to install them, the level of noise they produce when in use and the amount they cost.

Anyway, these products are usually many hence it’s easy to find the one that will perfectly suit your budget all you need to do is just a little bit of research and find the one you want. If you do your research right, you will notice that this product is an entry-level unit with a pocket-friendly price tag. Also, if you are looking for something that can save you some space, this is the product for you.

Let’s look at some of the features the waste king 9930 has.

  • ½ horsepower motor
  • 3 bolt mount system
  • 2600 rpm
  • Has its grinding part made of stainless steel
  • Has a vortex powered motor which helps in powering the grind hence pulverizing the food wastes
  • Has a light weight and a compact design
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty

Surely with this kind of features, you can be sure that this product is just as great as you might be thinking it is by now. Anyway, let us go ahead n look at some of these features.

Lightweight and a compact design

Perhaps the most interesting feature that the waste king 9930 is the fact that it has a light weight and a compact design. Talking about the height, it only measures 14 inches tall and weighs 10 pounds. This helps you to use a small space underneath your sink hence putting the remaining space to some more efficient use.

Powerful Motor

For you to say that a garbage disposal is more powerful, first it must have a powerful motor which this product has in form of spades. The waste king doesn’t just have a ½ HP engine, it also has a patented waste king vortex motor when it comes to the design and motion. All this is just to ensure that all your waste food is ground properly. This waste disposal product has a high starting power but a lower torque speed compared to the other models. Actually, this is what makes it become virtually stall and also jam proof.

The Warranty

For a product to have a warranty, it means that the manufacturing company has much faith in the product they have created. If you are a true waste king products fan you might as well agree with me that they always deliver. With that being said, the waste king 9930 usually comes with a 5-year warranty which protects it from any material or mechanical defects. This product also comes with a lifetime warranty that protects it against corrosion. Should either of this happen, waste king will walk right into your home and repair the affected parts or just replace the whole unit free of charge. Of course, all this will be done by some of their top trained technicians for free.


When it comes to owning a waste disposal, many people usually check the level of noise produced by the unit when in use. This actually can be a big issue to some of the users who usually likes working in a quiet environment. However, many users of this product said that it is much quieter compared to the old models produced by the other disposal brands. Of course, you will still hear some sound when grinding but I bet the level won’t be that loud to disturb you at all. The waste king 9930 might not be the quietest garbage disposal unit but sure enough, it is the best choice to satisfy your kitchen disposal needs.

Feed and grinder

The waste king 9930 is a continuous feed garbage disposal. This brings the difference between this product and a batch feed unit. With the waste king 9930, you don't have to wait until a particular amount has been ground for you to put another batch. With this product, the process is always continuous and the motor in it always offers enough power for the grinding process to take place efficiently.


  • Easy to install
  • Has parts made of stainless steel which makes it corrosion proof
  • Has a pocket-friendly price
  • It is powerful and has a light weight
  • Has a convenient and compact design


  • It doesn’t have a removable splash guard thus doesn’t really give an easy time when cleaning
  • Has a small opening making the water to run slowly to drain up. This is what usually makes it work a bit slower when compared to the other waste disposal units


With all we have talked about, I think the waste king 9930 legend series is an ideal unit if your main concern is the price. However, if you are going for something of higher quality, something that produces almost no sound then you might as well consider some other expensive waste king products. Well, this unit has a sound insulating shell to prevent it from producing that much noise but some users still complained about it.

It still produces a relatively loud sound. If you want to go for quieter units then it is recommended that you go for those units which have more powerful motors, more horsepower, and features that reduce the vibration. Try this product from waste king for a new and exciting experience in your kitchen.

Waste King 9930 Legend Series Best Review
  • Best Features
  • Noise Level
  • Performance
  • Value


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