Waste King 9920 Legend Series ½ HP Garbage Disposal Review

Whenever I use to visit your place one thing that always draws my attention and makes me amazed and that is your kitchen. Though you have to prepare food for 4-8 people on regular basis, still your kitchen looks clean and bright always. A kitchen without having a piece of food scrap or waste even after the meal- really a wonderful experience. But how could you manage to do this? It seems an impossible task for me. Finally, you revealed the secret of owning garbage disposal under your sink. This takes off all the waste that produce while cooking or after the meal in no time.  Then I look down the sink only to find that, it is Waste King 9920 Legend Series ½ hp Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal and according to your opinion is one of the best models available in the market. Check it out.


What do you mean by the best quality of garbage disposal? What do you find in the best disposal? Simply its power, durability, its compact design, easy installation, and strong grinding ability. The Waste King 9920 has all these qualities that make this model a solid choice for those who are looking for a device with a great calibre to ensure that entire one needs.

Simple and Adjustable Design

The 7.8”x7.8”x13.5” sized and 8.6 lbs weighed device is light weighted enough to carry this unit easily anywhere you want and also compact enough to be fitted under your sink without occupying extra space. Even it leaves some space for storage too. Apart from that, this device is sleek and well-designed so that anyone can give a look at it.

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Favourable High-Speed Motor

This device is equipped with energy-efficient ½ hp high-speed permanent magnet motor that powerful enough to handle all kind of garbage without having jam or clog. Moreover, the 2600 RPM speed of this motor grinds all the waste into the smallest pieces to clear easily.

Strong Impellers

This machine is attached with stainless steel swivel impellers that cut the scraps neatly to reduce clog or jamming.

Preferable Grinding System

Rust and corrosion-free glass-filled polymer (nylon) grind chamber that comes with this device is safe enough and provides longer life. Besides that, the grinding components are made of stainless steel that also makes this unit strong and durable. 

Active Continuous Feed Disposal

Continuous Feed is a system that helps this device to grind food waste quickly and continuously as it runs. It means now you don’t have to wait to clear the garbage. Just you have to press the wall switch and the machine will start working at once to make your sink looks clean and fresh always.

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Perfect and Easy Installation

This machine comes with 3-Bolt Mount which helps this unit to install with the kitchen sink quickly and easily. It means you have no need to call a technician for installation you can do this all by yourself easily. If you face any problem, then you may call the Waste King’s customer service to get the right advice.

Useful Pre-Installed Power Cord

Having a 32” pre-installed power cord means you don’t have to call an electrician for installation of this device.

Free from Noise

Generally, it is seen that a powerful device always have a problem of noise. It disturbs you while working at the time when you are taking rest or busy in your work. But the Waste King 9920 is sound-insulated properly to create lesser noise for your convenience.

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Attached with Septic System

If you want to use a septic system, it is ok with this garbage disposal. This device is perfectly safe to use with septic tanks which are perfectly sized for your home.

Essential Safety Measure

This device is featured with a manual reset button. It will shut the device off when it will overload. Even you can start the unit again by using the same button.

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Lucrative Warranty Offer

The manufacturer has offered a two-year warranty on this unit to add an extra layer of reassurance of your investment. Now, you can work on it without having a worry of damage. If such happens, then the manufacturer will provide you in-home repairing or a total replacement if requires.


  • Compact and easy to install.
  • check
    High-power motor.
  • check
    Corrosion-free grinding chamber.
  • check
    Easy mounting system.
  • check
    Having pre-installed power cord.


  • Draining is super slow and it sprays water everywhere.
  • In some cases, sink gets clogged shortly.

Final Words

This Waste King 9920 is one of the best garbage disposal equipped with some wonderful and efficient components works exactly how it is supposed to do. Though having the powerful motor this device works silently and the power it offers is hard to find better than this unit. Therefore, once you start using it, you would surely ask your friends and family members to install it.

Waste King 9920 Legend Series ½ HP Garbage Disposal
  • Performance
  • Value
  • Features
  • Noise Level


We hope this information will help to make a decision of selecting the best garbage disposal.

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