Tips to Remove Garbage Disposal and Replace with Another Unit

If you were unable to use our Garbage Disposal Repair tips to successfully fix your existing garbage disposal unit, then it is time to replace the unit. In order to replace your unit, you need to remove the existing broken unit from under the sink. The first set of steps is for any installation, whether installing the same brand of garbage disposal you already had (i.e. Insinkerator) or going with an entirely different brand, all of these steps need to be followed. If you are using the same brand, you are all set and can move to Garbage Disposal Installation. If you purchased a new brand, then you must complete the steps that follow which remove the mounting assembly and sink flange components.

Tips to Remove Garbage Disposal

Some tools you should have on hand, some of which hopefully isn’t needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Adjustable wrench or Channellock pliers
  • Putty knife
  • Bucket or Pal
  • Scouring pad
  • Sawzall or Hacksaw (may be needed)

Garbage Disposal Removal – Replacing with the SAME Type of Unit

If you decided to switch out your old unit with a new unit of the same brand, then you are in luck, you will save a couple of steps.

  • Flip the breaker to disable power to your garbage disposal in your circuit breaker box.
  • If your dishwasher runs through your garbage disposal, unfasten the clamp which attaches the dishwasher hose to the dishwasher drain pipe.
  • Now we have to remove the discharge drain line. There will be some water left over in your line so place your pal or bucket underneath the trap. Using your Channel Lock or adjustable wrench, unfasten the slip-nut attaching the waste pipe to the discharge line.
  • If for some reason everything is frozen in place and you cannot remove the pipe from the discharge line, you may have to cut the pipe using a Sawzall or hacksaw. Make sure you make the cut on the straight part of the pipe. If you need to extend the pipe, there are parts available at your local hardware store when it comes time to install your new garbage disposal.
  • Finally, we need to get your old garbage disposal out from under the sink. Lift the disposal slightly to create a little less tension and loosen the lower mounting ring by pushing your screwdriver to left until disposer is free from mounting assembly.

Garbage Disposal Removal – Replacing with DIFFERENT Type of Unit

To remove the garbage disposal proceed as outlined in the previous step then proceed with the following additions:

  • Using a screwdriver, unfasten the three mounting screws which hold the upper and lower rings.
  • Remove the ring attached via spring clip/snap ring on the sink sleeve and remove the assembly.
  • Get rid of the sink sleeve, fiber gasket and sink flange
    Using a putty knife and a Brillo pad, remove the plumbers putty left over in the sink basin.
  • Give everything a good cleaning to ensure proper fastening when installing your new garbage disposal unit.
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