InSinkErator O1100XL Pro Series 1.1 HP Food Waste Disposal Review

I know you love to cook and to give your family and friends an opportunity to have tasty and delicious kinds of stuff time and again. It is a privilege for them to see you in the kitchen. But at the same time, your performance in cooking depends on the clean and fresh surrounding. To keep your kitchen clean you need to remove all the food scraps and organic wastes that produce while preparing a meal. Nowadays you cannot throw your garbage easily for having strict norms for keeping a pollution-free environment in your locality. Therefore, you have to think otherwise. in this situation why don’t you install one best garbage disposal for your kitchen? Being fixed with the sink it can cut the wastes into small pieces and drains through the pipe and allow them to flush away through the sewage system.

If you’re serious about it then you have to find out the best device that can fit your bill providing your entire requirement. Then you should go for the InSinkErator brand, especially the Evolution series. Let’s see why.

The Introduction

Rarely you come across some persons who use to do their duties silently keeping themselves away from the limelight. InSinkErator Evolution series garbage disposal is exactly the same. A device hidden under the sink works efficiently without making much noise. Having 1.1 hp motor and MultiGrind technology this device can grind and liquefy any kind of food waste be it pieces of bone or any other hard organic substance. Apart from that this device has a special technology that helps to keep it free from clog and jam. Besides that this garbage disposal has much more to offer. Let’s follow in detail.

Powerful Motor

This device is equipped with 1.1 hp Dura-Drive Induction Motor, which runs on high powered induction and spins 1725 rpm that only available in high-end devices.

MultiGrind Technology

The MultiGrind Technology provides three different grinding stages that turn the food scraps into the smallest size for an easy going through the pipe right through the septic tank. No matter what you put inside it a piece of bone or any other hard organic wastes.

Free from Jamming and Clog

This device is equipped with a Jam-Sensor Circuit that works wonderfully to dispose of your garbage. This tool at first detects the substances which create clog or jamming and then the torque is increased up to 500% to break down them. After that, the Auto-Reverse grinding system allows the broken particles to flush away through the pipe.

Noise-Free Function

Generally, you think that something which is powerful must be noisy. But this device comes with SoundSeal technology that reduces vibrations and gives an ultra-quiet performance so that you even cannot hear the sound of splashing of the sink water.

The Durability

Durability is one of the aspects that make this device preferable to you. All the components of it made of stainless steel and anti-corrosion materials as it comes in contact with water nearly every single day.  So, you can use this device year after year without any tension.

The Size

The 40 oz grind chamber of this device is large enough to intake a lot of food waste in one goes. But it doesn’t mean that you pour a huge number of wastes at a time. You want your wastes to break down, not the disposal. But one thing you should keep in your mind that this device needs some extra space down under than any other device.

The Installation

With three bolt mounting assemblies, this device is very easy to install all by yourself. Even if you want to replace it with some other unit that also will be done without having any problem.

Extra Accessories

Apart from the main unit, the package is included with a quick lock sink mount, a stainless steel stopper, discharge tubes, a sink baffle, a jam-buster wrench, a clamp, and hardware. Moreover, you’ll get full installation instructions and a user manual along with the package.


  • 3 grinding stages system crushes the food wastes properly.
  • check
    SoundShield technology to reduce noise.
  • check
    Jam-Sensor technology to keep it clog-free.
  • check
    Very large 40 oz grinding container.
  • check
    Super powerful 1.1 hp induction motor.


  • Too big to fit in the smaller kitchen.
  • Doesn’t come with power cord.
  • Price is pretty high for some consumers.
InSinkErator O1100XL Pro Series 1.1 HP Review
  • Best Features
  • Noise Level
  • Performance
  • Value


I hope this InSinkErator O1100XL Pro Series 1.1 HP Food Waste Disposal Review will help you to understand the benefits of this garbage disposal.

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