InSinkErator CNTR333 Contractor 333 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer Review

Once there was a time when your kitchen really looked a mess. Food scraps, peels of vegetables, remaining of meat and fish were seen lying everywhere. Sometimes, cooking seemed easier than the cleanup job. Not only had that, working among the garbage used to take away your mood for cooking the best stuff. The only thing you could do to sweep the kitchen with a broom and to find out a bin outside your house and drop the wastes into it.

But now the situation has changed, the cleaning operation has become easier than before. Now you have put everything into the sink what you have produced while cooking and let the magic to be done. Thanks to the best garbage disposer what you have installed some days before. Many of you find hard to select a disposer that comes handy for you. Because there are a lot, available in the marketplace. Then you have to trust the best reviews of these disposers. Today I am glad to present you one such garbage disposer that fits your bill and is not less than the best. It is InsinkErator CNTR333 Contractor 333 ¾ HP Garbage Disposer.

The First Glance

InsinkErator CNTR333 Garbage Disposer is a model definitely going to catch your attention by its performance. For having ¾ hp Heavy Duty motor not only speeds up the cleaning work but also does it efficiently.  The continuous feed technology helps this device to work non-stop since you start the machine. The stainless steel grinding components and anti-corrosion body and take the workload more than others and also provides much needed durability. Apart from that, the larger chamber can intake a lot more wastes at a time.  Now it is the time to see all the features and benefits in detail. Let’s go.

Powerful Motor

This device is equipped with ¾ hp Dura-Drive Induction motor that provides not only the extra speed of 1725 RPM but also strengthens the unit to take care of harder wastes. It means the harder substances like bones; seeds etc. are crushed and liquefied in a very short time.

Continuous Feed System

This device follows a continuous feed system which starts working the moment you press the on the button of this unit. In this way, your sink, as well as your kitchen always looks clean and fresh.

Size of the Chamber

The 26 oz size of the grinding chamber of this device is capable enough to intake a good quantity of wastes at a time.


Whenever you buy any machine, one question certainly arises in your mind, how long will it run without any hassle? This device will certainly give you a tension-free service for having all the grinding parts made with the better quality of stainless steel and the whole body made of corrosion-free steel. It means you can use this machine year after year without having any problem.

Easy Installation

The Quick-Lock mounting system is there for easy installation, which means that now you don’t have to worry all about it as you can easily install this disposer all by yourself just following a manual comes with this package.


 The manufacturer of this machine provides you a 3-year in-home warranty including necessary change of any parts or the whole unit if required along with the labor service.

 Extra Accessories

 If you want to have it you will get some other but very necessary accessories with the package. Like, a polished stainless steel flange with one-piece stainless steel stopper. These will surely help you to run your device properly. Apart from that, a power cord is also included with this unit.


  • Heavy duty Dura-Drive Motor makes work faster.
  • check
    Durability with stainless steel grinding components.
  • check
    3-year in-home warranty.
  • check
    Easy installation.
  • check
    Power cord included.


  • Very noisy.
  • Cost is little high for the regular consumers.
  • Some of the body parts made of plastic.
InSinkErator CNTR333 Contractor 333 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer Review
  • Best Features
  • Noise Level
  • Performance
  • Value


Hope you like this InSinkErator CNTR333 Contractor 333 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer review.

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