[InsinkErator Badger 1 vs Badger 5] Which Garbage Disposal Should I Buy?

This is for those who have already installed a garbage disposal in their kitchens. Especially for those who have any brand of InSinkErator garbage disposal. Because they only have an experience of owning the best device than others. The quality, the features or the cost- in every manner no other brand of devices even come close to it. That is the reason behind its popularity and excellent marketing.

InSinkErator garbage disposal has a number model available in the marketplace. Each of them contains its own appeal. Therefore, it is hard to choose the better one. Not only that, some of them is very similar except for a few things. This makes you get confused and you could not decide about which one to buy. There are such two models called Badger 5 and Badger 1, the specs of both are so close that they even look the same. Now let’s find out and judge which one is better than the other.

The Outlook and The Size

If you take a glance at these two, you cannot find a big difference between them. They are almost same sized and looked like standard disposals. Both units are black and have an industrial look. Badger 5 weighs 13.6 lbs compared to Badger 1 which is 12.7 lbs. It means you cannot make a choice considering this issue. Let’s move ahead.

Power and Performance

Both of these machines are manufactured in such a manner that they are bound to meet your expectations. Even they are highly recommended by the plumbers. Now you have to see the capability of these two machines according to their performance and see why they are being considered the best.

Motor Strength

The Badger 1 unit has a decent 1/3 hp motor while the Badger 5 has ½ hp. This makes the Badger 5 50% more powerful than the Badger 1. This is the only difference between these two which certainly makes the Badger 5 more preferable.

Grinding Technology

Both these machines are made with one stage grinding technology. Having a grind shear ring helps the food wastes to be liquefied so that they can easily pass through the pipes. This makes this disposal system a green activity where your food wastes are not going to be dumped but flushed out through the sewage to make the environment clean.


Both the units have a grinding chamber capacity of 26 oz. But you may find the chamber of Badger 5 looks little bigger. This is certainly large enough to grind a lot of food wastes at a time.


The stainless steel made sink lock quick mount that comes with all the models of InSinkErator garbage disposals help the installation process simple. Even if you need to replace the unit, the uninstall process is equally simple.

Noise Level

Both these two models are budget-friendly, so you cannot expect them to work without noise. But these two are not that short of louder that you cannot bear with. If you’re looking for a quieter one then you should consider some of the high-budget models if your purse allows you.

Common Problems

If you follow the reviews of these two units, you’ll see that some of their customers have an issue with the leaks at the bottom of both devices. This could be due to misuse or improper installation. There would also very rare possibility of manufacturing fault. In any of these cases, replacement is the only option that you have.


Another notable difference between them is warranty. Badger 1 only has a one-year warranty whereas Badger 5 comes with a two-year warranty.


After having a close look at these two, one can easily say that the Badger 5 is slightly ahead of Badger 1. If you think of the price, then I can tell you that the difference between them is only a few dollars. So if I will ask to choose the one I’ll definitely go for Badger 5. Now it is your turn to select for yourself.

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