General Electric GFC520V 1/2 HP Waste Disposer Review

General Electric GFC520V 1-2 HP Waste Disposer Review

If you closely look at all the reviews on garbage disposer, you may see most of the appliances are made for mainly domestic use. There are also some reasons where you can take it for commercial purpose. In that case, you have no other way but looking for a garbage disposer with large capacity. This kind of device can take a load of some extra amount of garbage to remove through sewage. In this way, your sink, as well as your pantry room always looks clean and fresh and you’ll get your share of appreciation from those who give a visit. If you really want this thing to have happened in your kitchen, then you have to bring home General Electric GFC250V ½ HP Continuous Feed Waste Disposal Large Capacity Food Waste Disposer.

The First Impression

The century-old General Electric company is well known for producing High-quality products and its garbage disposals are simply one of the best. Especially, if you’re looking for a heavy duty device. Its galvanized steel grinding blades and rust-free stainless steel body make this device more efficient, more durable. The high-speed motor gives fast grinding action and the EZ Mount system for easy installation, moreover, the removable splash guard and sink stopper help you to do your work easily. Now it’s time take a close look at all the features of this model.

Design and Size

The first that surely you’re going to notice in this device is its compact design. With 5.25”x 5.25”x 12.75” dimensions and only 9 lbs weight, this device can be placed even in the smallest sink cabinets. Even having the smallest in size, it still provides a 27-ounce grinding chamber, which is more than enough space for disposing of food wastes.

Powerful Motor

This device is equipped with ½ hp permanent magnetic motor. This is one of the toughest motors you will find in any other garbage disposer today. This is capable to run for a longer period and provides 2800 RPM to provide tough grinding action. No doubt, it is one of the best features that certainly draw your interest towards it.

Strong Grinding Blades

This device has strong grinding blades made from galvanized stainless steel. With dual swiveling action, the blades can turn the food wastes into small particles. This certainly reduces the chance of jamming into your drain pipe. It means you have not to worry about that.

EZ Mount System

For having EZ Mount system this unit is easy to install all by yourself and you have no need to call an expert for that. This certainly saves your time and money. But you have to purchase a power cord kit if you don’t want a direct power connection and as the unit is compatible with dishwashers, you have to buy a dishwasher connector kit also.

Continuous Feed Garbage

As you know that it is a continuous feed garbage disposal which means its function will be started the moment you press the on the switch. Now drop all the food scraps and the organic wastes of your kitchen top and dining table in the sink and let the grinding done all by this machine. Just one thing you should do before turning off the device, add some cold water and let the disposal run for 30 seconds after you’re done adding food wastes. This is to make sure that all the scraps have been completely flushed down the trap and through the drain.


Whenever you use any device you have to keep in mind about its safety. This can make your device runs for a longer period. In this garbage disposal, there has a two-level pre-cutter which protects any jam or clogs, a manual reset overload protector for additional safety and a splash guard to protect the device. The swivel impellers are made of premium stainless steel which surely lasts for a long time. Apart from that, galvanized steel turntable, carbon steel armature shaft, and stainless steel sink flange all of them provide this device the much-needed durability that every buyer desire to have that.


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    Because of its large capacity, it can dispose food in one go. Not only that but because of a special insulation system it doesn’t make any kind of noise while disposing foods.
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    The design of the product is very good and it is well constructed.
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    One of the good things about this amazing product is the easy accessibility of it. You just have to remove the sink stopper then turn a medium flow of cold water on then just flip the switch with scraping the wasted food. It is as simple as this.

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    Price is lesser than most of the other models.
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    Price is lesser than most of the other models.


  • Surely this is a great product with a lot of facilities but still, there are some little negative factors about it. There have been reports from people facing problem over the installation of the machine.
  • Some have also faced troubles over a leakage problem which comes from the rubber seal at the bottom of the sink.
  • The power cord is not included.
  • Warranty period is lesser than others.
General Electric GFC520V 1/2 HP
  • Price
  • Easy to Install
  • Features
  • Performance
  • Noise


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