General Electric GFC520V 1/2 HP Waste Disposer Review

General Electric GFC520V 1-2 HP Waste Disposer Review

Food wastage is a kind of everyday problem for every home. Firstly it is not a good thing at all to waste food but more than that keeping wasted and rotten food actually pollutes the environment. So when it happens you have to take care of that. Now, most of you must be familiar with garbage disposal or food waste disposer machines.

Many of you have one of those machines in your home for the purpose but not really satisfied with the work. Well, in that case, you might want to try a new one. Speaking of which there is a new disposer you can opt for and here is a general electric GFC520V food waste disposer review for your help.

About General Electric GFC520V

This is a food waste disposal machine coming from a good company and it works very well because of being loaded with a lot of facilities.

The Product Speculation

As it is a GFC520V food waste disposer review so you might expect a full specification about this product so here is it for you listed below-

1. It has a magnet motor which is permanent and the capability of the motor is ½ horsepower which is responsible for the good work it does.

2. The grinding action of this machine is more than 2800 RPM.

3. The product has a direct power to wire connection system. Along with that, it has a large capacity and a turntable made of galvanized steel.

4. There is a stopper included in the machine. The splash guard of the machine can be removed by you.

5. There are grinding blades in the machine which are made of stainless steel and they are also dual-swivel.

The Pros and Cons


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    Because of its large capacity, it can dispose food in one go. Not only that but because of a special insulation system it doesn’t make any kind of noise while disposing foods
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    The design of the product is very good and it is well constructed
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    One of the good things about this amazing product is the easy accessibility of it. You just have to remove the sink stopper then turn a medium flow of cold water on then just flip the switch with scraping the wasted food. It is as simple as this


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    Surely this is a great product with a lot of facilities but still, there are some little negative factors about it. There have been reports from people facing problem over the installation of the machine
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    Some have also faced troubles over a leakage problem which comes from the rubber seal at the bottom of the sink

The Public Opinion

This product has been reviewed by 83 customers and gained an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 from which it is pretty clear that people have liked this one. The sell has been great too.


Hopefully, this GFC520V general electric food waste disposer review will be helpful for you if you are looking to buy this one.

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