How to Fix a Leaking Garbage Disposal

Please keep in mind that my suggestion is not necessarily a fix all garbage disposal repair. More often than I care to admit, a trial and error approach is often necessary if you do not enjoy completely taking apart the entire unit and reassembling it. However, one this that you can do is start from the highest possible impact and go from there.

Fix a Leaking Garbage Disposal

Fix a Leaking Garbage Disposal

When a garbage disposal leaks, it is often due to the sink flange. Best Garbage disposals are certainly not seamless, so there is always a margin of error for leaks. In order to minimize any leaking you first want to access the mounting bolts that mount the disposal to the sink itself. Twist the garbage disposal unit in order to dislodge it from its mounting flange. Typically you turn the disposal unit counter clockwise from the bottom of the unit, but I have seen some that are the exact opposite. After you do this, three or four mounting bolts should be exposed.

Obviously, you will want to tighten these bolts up to prevent leaking and make a more consistent seal all around. I wouldn’t go too crazy though; I would tighten them to well past finger tightness but not as far as you can crank them. If they are already at this particular tightness or close enough, they are probably not the main cause of your leak.

You may need to add some plumbers putty to the sink flange. The putty often shifts over time sometimes making it necessary to add and mold more. Place the plumbers putty all around the sink flange and mount it securely to the sink. You will need to clean up the extra putty because some will squeeze out as you add pressure to the bolts.

Twist the disposal back in place and give it a try. This will not solve all leaks as I stated before but you will have at least completed a maintenance that will need done in the future and eliminated the largest cause for garbage disposal leaks.

You can also check out the video to get more idea.

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