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best plunger for kitchen sink

The plunger is not an unknown item for households. In fact, it is commonly seen in almost every house. Because a toilet or a sink both are needed to be clean and clear in every manner. What if you see your toilet clogged in the morning time? What if you find your sink faces jamming? What if all these things happen frequently at your place to make your mood miserable? Surely, it will affect your body and mind and your daily life as well. To solve this issue you need to call a plumber and that may be effective, but it will waste your time and money. Yes, it is true that no one would love to clean or unclog the toilet by himself, but sometimes you have no way left but to do this all by yourself before the condition gets worse. At this situation, you are going to need a best plunger for kitchen sink that can do your job cleanly and quickly.

Types of Plungers

It is not that the plunger has only one of the types. There are three types of plungers that are commonly seen. Let’s see them.

Cup Plunger

This type of plunger is very much common in most of the bathrooms and kitchens. This plunger has a rubber cup shaped like a ball cut in half at the end of a wooden rod. It may fit the drain to unblock them. This is very useful for tubs, showers, and sinks with a flat surface. But if you apply this on a toilet there would be a chance that it may lose the seal over the bowl-shaped drain as soon as you pull up.

Flange Plunger

This type of plunger is the best for the everyday toilet clogs. It has a cup fixed at the bottom just like the cup plunger. The drains with a smaller opening such as bathroom sinks or shower drains and even toilet drains can be unclogged by this kind of bell-shaped plunger with a flange that creates a tight seal on a toilet bowl.

Accordion Plunger

These are probably the most powerful plungers than cup or flange plunger and mainly used to unclog toilets. This hard plastic made unit is great for breaking up really tough clogs in toilets. Only you need to add some water to the toilet bowl before starting your work. Almost similar to the cup plunger it has a small cup at the end which only needs to fit properly on the drain. Otherwise, it may create a mess.

What to Look For

If you want to have a toilet plunger at you need to know what quality and features you should look for in a plunger. Let’s find out.


An ideal plunger for toilet must have the extra rubber flange shape at the bottom as the simple sink plunger cannot fit the neck of the toilet. Besides that, the plunger should have a proper seal unless you will just get a mess rather than unclog the toilet.

Durable Materials

Before buying a plunger always make sure that it is made of heavy duty material and not going to break or damage easily.

Easy to Use

You need a plunger that is easy to use for unclogging your toilet in a simple way.

Reasonable Price

You have a limited budget to run your family, therefore, it is not possible for you to buy too expensive plunger for your home. So it must come at a reasonable price to convince you to have it.

Toilet plungers come in many shape and size. Different manufacturers follow different designs and technique to make the device more durable, efficient, and effective. Keeping all these in mind, there are different brands of plungers available in the market with different features and benefits. Have a look at best kitchen sink plunger reviews.

1. simplehuman Toilet Plunger with Holder

Toilet plunger is not a device which still is unknown to you. It helps you to keep your toilet clean and fresh without applying much workload. But sometimes you have to deal with such a kind of plunger that makes cleaning work messy instead of giving you comfort. This may have a tendency to leak while using and leaves a nasty and unhygienic trail behind if you carry it along with you.  Therefore, without thinking too much about the other aspect you have to give priority to its quality. If it so, then you may give a try to Simplehuman Toilet Plunger as it is one of the best available.

Firstly, this device is specially designed to match with the modern toilets and have a narrow flange for better gripping. Apart from that, a stainless steel rod provides this instrument the necessary toughness. Moreover, a magnetic collar is there to fasten the plunger to its cover which prevents it from leaking. Besides that, the dome-shaped cover does a good job of concealing the plunger. It has a large opening to make the plunger easy detach and also this helps to hide it into one corner of the room.

2. Neiko 60166A Plunger with Aluminum Handle

If you consider a toilet plunger for only your domestic purpose then you should give a thought of this device. At the bottom of this device, there is a cup made of industrial-strength rubber to make this durable enough. Furthermore, it can be fitted on perfectly to various types of the toilets drain ends. Besides that, the tiered ridges on it to create an extremely tight seal. Moreover, it is well designed to work from any angle to clear up the clogged toilet and difficult obstructions in the pipes.

The heavy-duty aluminium made a handle is light weighted and rustproof for a long run. This material is also very helpful to apply better force on the plunger to suck-out even the most stubborn clogs.  It also comes with the peg of holes so it can be easily hung by you. The smooth-edged and ridged free bottom helps your device to expel the toilet water properly for the sake of personal hygiene.

3. G.T. Water Products, MP100- Best Plungers on The Market

Suppose you have a clogged toilet and it is about to spilling over and you have no alternative arrangement for nature’s call. At this point in time, the last thing you will do is run to the hardware store to call a plumber. But the best thing you can do for yourself is to keep the best quality plunger at your home and this instrument only may come for your rescue. And if you want to choose among the best then G.T. MP 100-3 Master Purpose Plunger is ready for your service.

The funnel nose design of this plunger model ensures you a perfect fit for any toilet bowl or even kitchen sink. This prevents slippage and splashes back. This provides 7 times more displacement of a rubber cup plunger. This master plunger has more plunges per push than any other model available in the market. As result, this will clear your toilet without any problem. Moreover, the bottom part of this device is narrow enough that it goes straight to the toilet hole and stay there firmly while you plunge.

4. OXO Good Grips Plunger and Canister

Whenever you want to buy a toilet plunger, you always look for two benefits- firstly, it can be kept safely away from others visibility and secondly, it provides the best service for you. In my knowledge, there is a plunger among a lot which can match your needs and that is OXO Good Grips Hideaway Toilet Plunger.

This is designed to have a very powerful plunger which can work perfectly well for all types of bathrooms, no matter which kind of toilet you have. It forces the waste and debris to clog out of the way with a powerful plunging.

This model also has a canister drip tray which allows room for ventilation. When you work is done and you put the plunger back into the tray, it evaporates all the water and makes dry. This makes it long lasting. Moreover, the canister is covered for which your plunger can be stored in the corner of the bathroom. This arrangement also helps to prevent the plunger from touching any other things which means the hygiene restores.

5. Korky 99-4A Powerful Plunge

It is not necessary that you always have a new toilet at your place. Those who are living for sometimes at one place must have an old toilet and even with an older fashion. Most of the plungers available in the market cannot take the responsibility to clean them. Therefore you need something special kind of plunger that can take care of both old and new high-efficiency toilet (HET) where the toilet bowl drains have changed from round to oblong shaped outlets. At this situation, you may consider BEEHIVE Max Toilet Plunger, a plunger that can effectively plunge the debris to keep your toilet clean.

This non-marking rubber made heavy-duty toilet plunger’s seals have a unique beehive design to reduce your effort while plunging. Its head is well designed to fits well into different-shaped toilet openings and needs less effort to unclog the blockage. The T-shaped handle gives extra influence to create an active pumping motion and it is easier to grip than straight handles found on most plungers. You may have little issue if your toilet opening is square. But if you add a bucket of water while plunging can solve the problem.

6. PlumbCraft Mini Home Plunger - Small Plunger for Sink

If an instrument can be used for multiple purposes then its acceptance becomes higher in the market. You love to have this kind of device at your place so that you can use it in different cases. For example, I can tell you about the PlumCraft Mini Home Plunger a yellow coloured plunger that is great for sinks, tubs, showers, and other drains.

This device provides maximum suction and plunging power without much effort for different types of drains. It clears the drains quickly and easily. Its unique ribbed, exclusive bellows style and OVC rubber sealed design create greater downward pressure with strong plunging power clear the drain fast. Apart from that, the ergonomically and textured designed handle makes this device simple and easy-to-use. Moreover, its mini size allows for easy storage underneath a sink or cabinet. Furthermore, this device is mainly green friendly as it doesn’t require any harsh chemical.

7. MINTCRAFT 8317-B  Plunger

The plunger is an instrument that proves itself one of the most effective and useful things for every household. To keep your toilet and sink clean and fresh you must have a plunger at your place so that you can do the cleaning job all but yourself without taking much workload. There are different types of plunger available in the market and you have to buy as per your needs.

If you need a low-tech but low-cost plunger that works efficiently in your kitchens then you should buy MINTCRAFT 8317-B Black Drain Plunger, even though it is simple and cheap but it cannot compromise with its utility. For having a flat bottom and a durable rubber-made suction cup, this MINTCRAFT is a plunger that can easily fit over the most kitchen sink and also resists splash back while in use. The 4” handle of this plunger provides enough grips so that you can clear the clogs without having any shorts of problem. Apart from that, the small size of this plunger makes the storage easy. It means you can place it at a corner of your kitchen.

But, this plunger cannot be ranked higher for its wooden handle is not enough capacity to prevent bacterial invasion.

8. Liquid-Plumr 670087 Hydro-Pressure Plunger

If you need a plunger that is equipped with an air compressor that provides extra power without applying much effort, then you should go for Liquid-Plumr 670087 Hydro-Pressure Plunger probably among the few which has compression chamber to make your cleaning work easier and faster.

Its compact design provides extra suction which helps to clear the debris through the pipes of toilets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers with ease. The air-tight tube works as a handle that increases back pressure as you pull back to provide far more suction pressure than other plungers available. Apart from that, this unit includes 2 interchangeable plunger cups that can be applied for different size drains such as small recessed drains and large shower and tub drains. This pump-activated plunger forces the water through the pipe and clears the tough clogs fast without using any kind of harsh chemicals and in this way this unit makes your life healthier.

Final Words

Nobody bears with clogged toilets and sinks but unclogging them by own effort is one of the worst jobs to be done. Only the correct tools make it bearable. A plunger is such a tool that can do all the functions quite efficiently. All you need to select the right plunger with the correct measurement and design that can square your requirements. Welcome to the cleaner and healthier surrounding.  

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