American Standard Garbage Disposal Reviews (High Torque 1.25 HP)

Garbage disposer and kitchen the two are made for each other in today’s world. Especially there are hardly any homes in urban areas where you’ll find any kitchen without a garbage disposer. It’s not secret or sensational news to reveal that this device not only provides the most sought cleanness in your kitchen but also solve the problem of disposing of the waste without creating any fuss.

If still, you don’t have a garbage disposer and seriously considering to install one, then all I can say that you’ll find hard to select the right one among the lot with different features and benefits available on the market. In this situation, you have to follow what the experts suggest for you. , I feel glad to present you American Standard Garbage Disposal Reviews of High Torque 1.25 HP, a device that can provide all your needs what you have been looking for so far. Let’s follow all the features that you’ll find in this model.


Before I go to tell you about the product, allow me to tell something about the manufacturer. Since 130 long years, American Standard has been producing a number of high quality and innovative products to keep us healthier and safer. This High Torque 1.25 HP Garbage Disposer follows the reputation of the company and provides you not less than the best service that you expect from any of the models from this manufacturer.


This unit is constructed keeping your purpose and space in mind. That’s why this 15”x9”x9” sized and 15 lbs weighed unit is not too bulky and over weighed and can be installed easily. Not only that, it will leave a place for storage under your sink.

High Torque

Everybody wants a garbage disposer will work and grind through just about everything. This is the device which runs at 2700 RPM to ensure that any kind of hard waste that you want to get rid of will be done in no time. It breaks everything into smaller chunks to flush them easily down the drain. The moment you press the start button, this unit will be ready to take any kind of garbage that you want to dispose of your kitchen.

Magnetic Guard Ring

It is not easy every time to be careful while working in the kitchen. Because there are so many things that you have to keep in your mind. So, mistakes can be happened to by anybody. Such as, you may drop a knife or utensil into the disposer while it’s running. No problem, unlike most of the others, this device has a magnetic guard ring. It catches any metal that falls into the disposer and prevents the utensils from spinning out of control. Moreover, in this way, it helps to protect your hands from getting cut by the utensil or knife especially while cleaning cutlery in the sink.

Well Balanced Turntable

This garbage disposer model is equipped with a balanced turntable. This works to create a smooth and vibration-free operation. Besides that, the shell is well insulated to keep the noise level down. It means this device will not disturb you while working. Furthermore, it creates a smooth grinding work and makes you sure that everything you put into it ground down disposer quietly. Therefore, with this device, you have no need to stand before the sink to watch the grinding work is going on properly.

Stainless Steel-Made Equipment

The inside parts of this disposer are made of stainless steel which helps to keep the blades free from food particles and debris. It means you have no need to be worried about rust growing on the parts. In this way, all the food waste and debris will slide off easily. The smooth running swivel impellers reduce the noise level that keeps you free from disturbance. Apart from that, it works to eliminate the food waste, and also the odours will be gone and in this ways, your kitchen looks clean and fresh.

Some Vital Information

Despite without having the simple click mounts as some of the other disposers, the installation work doesn’t seem tough. But you have to buy power kit so that you can plug it directly into the wall. Moreover, as the unit is compatible for with dishwasher, you have to purchase a dishwasher connector along with this best garbage disposal.


  • Easy to install.
  • check
    Powerful but quiet.
  • check
    The stainless provides longer life.
  • check
    The magnetic ring catches any metallic utensils.


  • This model may not fit with every kind of sink.
  • Putty should be used to ensure it is locked in place.
  • Sometimes it seems noisier than othe
American Standard Garbage Disposal Reviews
  • Best Features
  • Noise Level
  • Performance
  • Value


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